Coldness and warmth are repeated in A Long Day in November. How does cold turn to warmth in the story?

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Coldness and warmth are repeated throughout the story "A Long Day in November". From the very beginning, Sonny is cold. Awaking from a dream, Sony immediately feels cold. The fact that his parents are fighting heightens this feeling.

Throughout the text, any time that Sonny feels frightened or unsure cold follows. When Sonny fails to study to recite in front of the class, his immediate reaction is to shiver. This cold is compounded when he wets his pants after failing to do his assignment properly.

In the end, warmth finally comes for Sonny when he hears his parent's bed springs making noise. Sonny knows that the problems his family has faced are in the past and he is finally able to feel warmth. The warmth is foreshadowed by the fire that Sonny's father sets to his car following the advice of both Madame Toussant and his wife. (The more prominent being his wife- the setting of the fire to the car symbolizes the rekindled fire that will burn between the two.)

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