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During the Cold War, what two political and economic ideologies were in competition?

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Although they became allies during World War II out of the necessity of beating the Nazis, the United States had a healthy distrust of the Communist regime, which took over Russia (renamed the Soviet Union in 1922) in 1917. After the war, it didn't take long for the US to clash with the Soviets in Germany and other places on the globe. This conflict never broke out into actual violence between armies (although clashes occurred between proxies of the two sides) and so was labeled the Cold War.

For all of its existence, the US has been considered a constitutional democracy with deep roots in the democratic ideals espoused by Enlightenment philosophers in England and France. In fact, most historians consider the US to be the greatest example of democracy in world history. One of America's greatest achievements is arguably the peaceful transfer of power every four years which occurs after elections. Since the middle of the 1800s, the US has been ruled by a two-party system with...

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