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Who coined the term sociology?

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The term sociology was first coined by Auguste Comte, considered by many the father of sociology, in a series of writings entitled Course on Positive Philosophy, published in six volumes between 1830-1842. It was in these works, that Comte wrote about the philosophy of all the sciences (mathematics, astronomy, physics, chemistry, and biology), and developed a philosophy for a new, final science, based on all of these other sciences, sociology. His works stated that sociology would be the final science developed, and that only by understanding the other sciences, would one be able to use sociology to study social interactions. This differs slightly from modern day sociology, where the emphasis on the study of the understanding of the other science disciplines, before being able to study sociology, is not nearly as great. Comte went on to develop his ideas on sociology further in later works, and for this is considered the founder of sociology today. Hope this helps!





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Auguste Comte is one of the founders of sociology. He was the one to coin the term from Socius, which is Latin for associate or companion, and Logia, which is Greek for the study of and speech. Auguste Comte believed that sociology could unite all sciences, in return improving society.