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A coin is tossed and a single 6-sided die is rolled. Find the probability of landing on the head side of the coin and rolling a 3 on the die.

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Probability of head and 3 on a die is:

P( head and 3 ) = p(head )* P(3)

We multiply probabilities because we have 2 independent events.

We know that p(head) = 1/2

Also p(3) = 1/6

Then P( head and 3) = 1/2 * 1/6 = 1/12

neela | Student

There are two independent events:  (i) tossing a coin and rolling 6 sided die.

When we toss an unbiased  coin we may get a head or a tail up. So getting head or tail are equally likely . So the probability getting a head = 1/2.

When an unbiased  6 sided die is rolled , we may get any one of the number from 1 to 6. So there are 6 equal choices. Getting 3 is one choice out of 6 choices. So the probability of getting 3 = 1/6.

Since the two events - getting a head in a coin in a toss and getting  a 3 in a rolling of die - are independent , the happening of  both events is the product of the probabilities = (1/2) (16) = 1/18.

Therefore , the probability of getting a head in a toss of the coin and  getting a number 3 in a rolling of a die is 1/18.