Is coffee and milk a homogeneous mixture?

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The mixture of coffee and milk would constitute a homogeneous mixture. This is because when the two substances blend together, the mixture itself takes one "same" (homogeneous) form. When the milk and the coffee mix, the resulting substance is a one-form color brown that takes the characteristics of the substance of which you have added the most. In other words, both substances blend in together to form a complete combination of the two. 

Contrastingly, a heterogeneous mix is obvious to the human eye because its components often remain separate and you can see each one individually while they are still part of a mix. For example, oil and water would be heterogeneous because they are substances that, upon mixing, will immediately separate and remain individual substances. Another example of a heterogeneous mix would be cereal and milk. Unless the cereal is meant to be soluble as in some cases, what we often see in a bowl of cereal is a mix of a solid (cereal) and a liquid (milk) each adhering to their original forms without turning into one same thing. An even more simple example of heterogeneous mixtures would be a bowl of Skittles, where each small piece of candy has its own color and does not mix with the others. 

udonbutterfly | Student

A homogeneous mixture describes a mixture that has a uniform composition throughout the compound whereas a heterogeneous mixture whereas a heterogeneous mixture describes a substance that remains separated even though they are put together like oil and water. When you blend coffee and ,ilk together you will get one uniform liquid without any separation between the milk and the coffee. This makes the blending of coffee and milk homogenous.

atyourservice | Student

Yes coffee and milk are a homogeneous mixture, because despite being 2 different substances when mixed together they form one mixture. When coffee and milk are mixed together you can't individually separate them anymore, they are a new mixture. It helps to think this way for future questions (^_^). If you can't separate them one by one then it is homogeneous but if you can remove the parts (raisin cookie) then it is heterogeneous 

amankaursahasi | Student

Yes coffee and milk are definitely a homozygous mixture because coffee dissolves in milk forming a mixture, whose different components cannot be visually distinguished from each other. All the mixtures that blend in with each other and no longer can be told apart are homozygous. For example: water+salt, hot chocolate and even gasoline. On the other hand, if you can tell what a mixture consists of by just looking at it then its a heterozygous mixture. For example: Cereal in milk, oil+water, soil, etc. 

maria-vivanco | Student

Yes because the coffee dissolves into the milk, therefore making a homogenous mixture. 

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