cody wants to go on his senior class trip. he finds a job that pays $7 per hour and he also mows lawns for $9 an hour. he needs to earn $693 to pay for the trip, excluding spending money.                                                                    plot and label each point listed below. for each point, state if cody can go on his class trip; if yes calculate his spending money. point A (77,33)  B (44,22) C (99,11) D (44,44). can he go? spending money if going?

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We assume that the variables are (hours from job, hours from mowing).

A (77,33) Cody gets 7(77)+9(33)=836 dollars. He can go on the trip and has $143 for spending money.

B (44,22) Cody gets 7(44)+9(22)=506 dollars. He is unable to go on the trip.

C (99,11) Cody gets 7(99)+9(11)=792 dollars. He is able to go on the trip with $99 for spending money.

D (44,44) Cody gets 7(44)+9(44)=704 dollars. He can go on the trip with $11 left for spending money.


When you plot the points on a coordinate plane, use the number of hours from the job as the horizontal axis and the number of hours mowing as the vertical axis. Any point above the following line will allow Cody to go on the trip: `y>=77 4/9 - 7/9 x`

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