cody wants to go on his senior class trip. he finds a job that pays $7 per hour and he also mows lawns for $9 an hour. he needs to earn $693 to pay for the trip, excluding spending money.                                                                   write an inequality describing cody's goal in term of hours at his job, x, and hours mowing lawns, y.                                                                                graph the inequality. (scale:1 box =11 hours).

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Cody can choose to work any number of hours on each job as long as those hours allow him to earn $693 or more.

`(7 $/(hr))(x (hr))+(9 $/(hr))(y (hr))>=$693`


`7x+9y>=693`  (1)

Find the x and y intercepts of `7x+9y=693` in order to draw the graph.

If x=0: `y=693/9=77`

If y=0: `x=693/7=99`

Draw a line from point (0,77) to (99,0). Any combination of x and y falling in the shaded area (to infinity) would satisfy the inequality (1). Note that x and y are positive, as no negative hours can be worked.

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