In the Code of Hammurabi, rule number 229 and 230 say if a builder has built a house for a man, and has not made his work sound, and the house he built has fallen and caused the death of its owner, that builder shall be put to death, and if it is the owner's son that is killed, the builder's son shall be put to death. What if the builder didn't have a son? Or any children at all for that matter? 

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     The Hammurabi Code dates from 1754BC and is the preserved legal code of Baylonian law.  It provides for various punishments according to the circumstances of the case.

     There are several translations of the code and the sections you cite; Code 229 and 230 appear to be comparable to other translations.  The question you pose is simple, yet can lead to complicated answers.  The simple answer is no one can be absolutely sure what the next course of action would be for the builder in your scenario.


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