How do I get good grades in math?How many of u always get A in Mathematics.

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Math was always my worst subject in school and I hated every one of my math classes. But I always had more homework in math than any other subject, and I stuck with it, completing my homework and paying attention to all of the new information taught in class. I was usually very happy when I made a "C" or, in rare cases, a "B." I can only suggest that you do the same, and if and when you feel like you are falling behind or don't understand a new theory, take the time to see your teacher after class for an explanation. Falling behind in math can be much more serious than in English or history, so try to stay alert in class and keep up with the class assignments and homework. It's an important class that is essential for both high school and college, no matter what your college major may be. 

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The best way to get an A in math, even geometry, is to work on problems yourself and see if you get the right answer.  Write out your work step by step and show it to a teacher or tutor.  That way they will be able to tell you where you went wrong.

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I want to get good grades in math, which I usually do. I love math in every single way. I'd prefer Algebra over Geometry anytime. :P

To get good grades you can't really study math. You have to do math. For example you can't just read and expect a perfect A. You would need to do it over and over again [not the same problem]. If you run out of problems go online and search for it. We have the internet which consists of majority of everything we learn. If you need some extra help, you can get a tutor. Trust me a tutor helps a lot! It brought my grade from a B to an A. The tutor also taught things that I haven't even learned yet in class, which makes me feel special. I recommend a class tutor instead of a one on one since you'll be able to learn more from other mistakes instead of your own mistakes. All my teacher said this before, you learn more by asking more questions and making more mistakes. It's more likely you'll learn the same things over the next few years again, so the first time you fail it, nothing to worry about. If you want to be good at geometry, which I wasn't good in, you need to study the formulas of shapes which I had a problem with. I always get them mixed up. You could ask for help from a teacher, after or before school. Your teacher would help you out more then you expected. Since your teacher is the one that actually knows what is on the test. You can look over the assignment your teacher gave you before. Make sure you know key terms.

I hope this helps!

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When it comes to math never and I mean NEVER be afraid to ask questions over and over again until you understand what is going on. Also reading through the chapter after the teacher has gone through the lesson and collecting questions you need answered will be a lot of help. Math can be complicated but it does not have to be difficult to do. Always practice when it comes to math the more you do it the more it will be become like second nature.

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To get a good grade in math you have to review over and over again.  For example, if you learned sin today then you should keep on reviewing it since it's easy for your brain to forget stuff. Also an important thing for me is when I take a test I definitely have to double check my work since one easy and tiny arithmetic mistake can change your answer. 

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Finish all of your work on time and if you ever need help ask one of your peers or the teacher. Keep practicing if you are struggling on something

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i freaking love math im in 10th grade and im already taking algebra 2 and you have to take 4 math class and i only have 1 more math class for high school with one is easier integrated math or precalculus??

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I usually get an A in math, but it wasn't always like that. I changed my studying habits and my grades improved (not only in math!). Here are a few tips which helped me a lot!

  1.  Ask questions in class. If something is not clear enough don't hesitate asking your teacher.

  2. I find it very helpful to have a second notebook. The first notebook is the notebook you bring to class (the regular one), where you write everything and solve various types of questions. The second one is not for practicing but only for formulas, trigonometric identities etc.. and two or three examples under each topic. This is good because you can work with both of them without flipping many pages. Besides, it is fun to have everything organized because it makes studying easier.
  3. If you stay focused in class and do all your homework in time it really helps. Since sometims you dont get homework, I usually practice on my own (you dont need more then 3-4 questions in each subject).

  4. When I felt like I don't know the subject so well, or the questions were too difficult for me, I would solve the easiest questions in the textbook and work my way up from there (I know it takes time... but it really worth it!).

  5. Take a break from time to time! Eat, drink, stare at your ceiling, or whatever, but don't start using your phone, computer or watch tv - IT IS A TRAP! (Howerver, your break shouldn't be longer than 10-15 minutes, usually afterwards I would get distracted and never return stuyding...)

 Good Luck!

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STUDY!!! TAKE NOTES!!! ASK QUESTIONS!!! If you don't understand a certain concept ask the teacher or tutor; don't sit back and try to solve it on your own.  Then you'll never learn how to "do it".  You'll also never learn what you did wrong and constantly fail.  Taking notes will help you better understand a certain concept (for example in geometry).  Always study the concepts that you struggle with the most with first. Practice, practice, and practice some more! However, review familiar topics too.  Never give up!  Don't be afraid to ask for help.

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I find that it helps to keep a notebook. During class, just take notes and do alot of example problems, that way if your stuck on a homework assignment or need a reminder on how to do something right before a test it is really helpful. Just make sure as long as you know how to do the math assignment, it is a guaranteed. Also, when you get something wrong whether it is a math assignment, quiz, test, etc. ask what you did wrong. As long as I have done this I have gotten an A in math class.

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PAST PAPERS! Find out what your exam board you're doing for maths. Go on their website and try to find past papers. Doing these will be similar to your real exam, so they should give you a heads up on the level of difficulty you will be facing. Do the past papers, mark them [mark scheme should be on the website as well] , see where you went wrong and improve on the next past paper you do.    :]

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You could just pay attention in class, ask your teacher questions WHEVER you don't understand something and do your work. That might help.

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