Where did Dick and Perry go when on the run in "In Cold Blood"? where was all the places dick and perry went while on the run from the KBI

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While on the run, Dick and Perry head south from Kansas City to Oklahoma on the 21st of November, and two days later, they cross the border into Mexico at Laredo, Texas. At this stage of their trip, they were only two hundred miles from their destination of Mexico City. After a week in Mexico City, Dick and Perry traveled even further south to Cuernevaca, Taxco, and Acapulco. After spending some time in these areas of Mexico, the two men returned to Mexico City.

While in Mexico City for the second time, Dick decides that they have to return to the United States because they are running out of money and the pay for legitimate work is not enough for Dick. Perry considers staying in Mexico on his own, but he ends up deciding to leave Mexico with Dick. They take a bus to Barstow, California, and then they hike the Mojave Desert for a half a day before trying to hitch a ride.

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They also went to Mexico.  They were able to stay there until they ran out of money, but then they returned to Kansas because they were hoping to use counterfeit money to finance a trip to Florida.  When they returned from Mexico, Agent Nye was tipped off that they were in Kansas.  They were finally arrested in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Outside of Kansas, they managed to get all the way to Florida while they are on the run, which is far from the scene of the crime. Every time they cross state lines they take a risk, as felons on parole (they are not allowed to leave Kansas).

They also go to Nevada.

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