The Closing of the American Mind

by Allan Bloom

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In The Closing of the American Mind, explain the case regarding the mindlessness of television that Dr. Bloom outlines.  

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For Bloom, the failure of modern higher education mirrors the failure of modern society in striving to elevate the discourse of the soul.  It is here where the mindlessness of television receives its most stinging rebuke from Bloom.  Consider his points about the purpose of education and civilization, in general:

Civilization or, to say the same thing, education is the taming or domestication of the soul’s raw passions—not suppressing or excising them, which would deprive the soul of its energy—but forming and informing them as art.

It is here where television, like so much of modern society, has failed the Classically- oriented Bloom.  Television is more of a reflection of the base nature of the individual.  It is voyeuristic.  It seeks to bring out the "raw passion" in which it can become an identifiable medium with so many individuals.  It is through this that ratings and commerce becomes a reality.  For Bloom, television's failure is that it reveals the "soul's raw passions" as opposed to "taming" or seeking to domesticate them.  In this, the mindlessness of television is evident.  

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