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A clock pendulum completes one back and forth cycle every 2 s. The maximum measure of the angle of the pendulum with the verticle is ...... .......12 degree. Express the measure of the angle of the pendulum and the vertical as a function of time? Assume the relationship is a sine function.

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The maximum angle is 12 degrees, so the amplitude of the theta function is 12.  As well, a complete cycle is 2 seconds.  The period of a periodic trig function is `k={2pi}/T={2 pi}/2=pi` , where k is the scaling factor inside the sine function.

For a sine function, we have:

`theta(t)=a sin kt`   now sub in values to get:

`theta(t)=12sin(pi t)`

The angle to the vertical is `theta(t)=12sin(pi t)` .

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