A climber is attached to a vertical rope that has a tension of 455 N. If the climber has a mass of 95 kg, what is the net force on the climber?  

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There are two forces in this case: the tension in the rope, which is equal to 455 N and the weight of the climber.

We all experience the effect of Earth's gravity on our body. Our weight is the force on our body due to the gravity of Earth and is calculated by using Newton's second law of motion, or 

weight = mass x acceleration = m x g

Weight always acts downwards.

Weight of climber = mass x acceleration due to gravity 

= 95 kg x 9.8 m/s^2 = 931 N (downwards)

Tension in the climber's rope = 455 N (upwards).

Thus, the net force on the climber (if he is not moving) 

= tension - weight = 455 - 931 N = -476 N 

or, the net force on the climber is 476 N in the downward direction.

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