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"The Climate Emergency" Al Gore begins with a self-introduction.  How does his humorous tactics aid in his presentation the serious part of his speech? it's something about grasping the audience not really sure.

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This is a great question. Humor s an important device in any speech. The right kind of humor can do a few things to make a speech successful. Let me list three. First, a well-timed joke or humorous anecdote can put the audience at ease. This is especially true in more serious types of situations, such as when we are talking about the environment. Second, human has a way of bonding people together. William Martineu, a scholar of humor, has written on this topic. To laugh at something together has a way of creating solidarity very quickly. From this point of view, humor can make what is said afterwards more acceptable, because the audience believe that there are shared values. Finally, a humor has a way of making people lower their defense mechanisms. Again it is a rhetorical strategy to get your point across.