In Skellig, clearly explain Michael's neighbourhood is like.

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We aren't actually given that much information about Michael's neighbourhood, except to note that the new house that he and his family move to is a shabby building with a garden that Michael refers to as a "wilderness" and a garage that looks like a bomb has hit it. Note the way that the garage is referred to in Chapter Two:

The outside doors to the back lane must have fallen off years ago and there were dozens of massive planks nailed across the entrance. The timbers holding teh roof were rotten and the roof was sagging in. The bits of floor you could see between the rubbish were full of cracks and holes... Everything was covered in dust and spiders' webs.

In a place where everthing that is in it has been discarded and forgotten and rejected as junk, it is appropriate that Skellig should be found here.

If we read on, we are given more information about the neighbourhood. For example, in Chapter Thirteen Mina takes Michael into another back lane to a different street where the houses were different:

The houses behind the walls here were bigger and higher and older. The back gardens were longer and had tall trees in them. It was Crow Road.

Part of the attraction of this brilliant story lies in the universality of its setting. The town could be any town in Britain, and there are no distinguishing features to identify it explictly. What is key to note is that the setting provides a backdrop for the central action of the story. Because the setting could be anywhere, we are left to imagine that the events in this story could happen to us where we live.

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