A clearer explanation on what Andrew Carnegie's Gospel of Wealth Article is saying?

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Andrew Carnegie believed in the concept of the Gospel of Wealth. Carnegie believed there was nothing wrong with people making a lot of money. These people shouldn’t be ashamed of themselves for being successful. However, because some wealthy people believed in the concept of Social Darwinism, the rich often appeared to be greedy and unsympathetic to those who were less fortunate. Social Darwinism believes in the concept of survival of the fittest. If somebody isn’t able to make it economically or financially in the world, that was just too bad for that person even though the reasons for their lack of success may not be their fault. The Gospel of Wealth was a concept used to soften the harshness of Social Darwinism. The Gospel of Wealth was a philosophy that the wealthy had an obligation to be charitable. The wealthy needed to use their good fortunate to promote social progress and to help the less fortunate. This principle led to many charitable donations being made to help communities throughout the country to improve conditions for all of the citizens. These donations could be used to establish parks, libraries, and art centers. The Gospel of Wealth was a way for the rich to share their fortune by benefiting the rest of society in various ways.