In "And of Clay Are We Created", describe Rolfe Carle as a reporter?

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Rolfe is characterized as a great reporter who " was on the story of Azucena from the beginning." He does everything he can to cover the story. However, his profession seems to affect his emotional life because he uses his camera to help him keep his feelings at a distance. He observes; he doesn't participate which protects him from having strong, emotional feelings but also puts barriers between himself and other people. That's why his response to Azucena and her fate is so ironic.

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Rolf Carle grew up facing immense torture at the hands of his father, this events left behind wounds there were not let to be healed by Rolf. He used these wounds to shield himself against pure emotions which could touch normal human beings. He even used this to his advantage in his profession of jounalism by holding himself back by not participating in the various scenes of catastrophes, but he had to finally give into his wounds to heal and make himself  a better person who could take to emotions in the right sense. this transformation was brought into him by Azucena (Lily).


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