In “And of Clay Are We Created” by Isabel Allende, where does the narrator spend most of her time while Rolf is with Azucena? 

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The narrator of “And of Clay We Are Created” by Isabel Allende is the partner of Rolf Carlé. They are together in their home when they are awakened by the news of a volcano eruption in Columbia that causes deadly mudslides in the hillside villages. Rolf hurriedly prepares to travel, as a reporter, to the catastrophic scene. She sat at the kitchen table drinking her coffee and contemplating how she would spend her time while he was gone. What she did not anticipate was the amount of time he would be gone, and what would transpire in those days.

Rolf Carlé was a prestigious news reporter, and therefore was able to quickly reach the scene of the disaster. While he was there, his partner was unable to stay in their home watching him on television. Instead, she went to the National Television station. It was a place she was familiar with because she and Rolf spent time there working on shows.

Many miles away, I watched Rolf Carlé and the girl on a television screen. I could not bear the wait at home, so I went to National Television, where I often spent entire nights with Rolf editing programs.

While being in a newsroom environment, she felt a connection to Rolf, as if she was at the scene of the disaster with him. In the newsroom, she was emotionally spent as she watched his three-day ordeal. In addition, while she was there, she was able to contact both local and national officials to obtain assistance for those affected by the mudslides. These efforts were met with shallow promises, but provided her with a diversion from staring at the news from the scene.

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