Is Claude Monet Considered The "Father" Of Impressionism?  Thank you

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The impressionistic movement in painting is thought to have begun in 1869.  Monet and Renoir had spent the summer together painting at "a suburban pleasure spot on the Seine, la Grenouillère."

The 19th century painter, Claude Monet, was most definitely considered to be the "father" of impressionism.  His attitude toward art and painting was most evident in the painting "Impression Sunrise" and from this is where the name of the art movement of Impressionism came from.  Monet painted many beautiful works of art.  He often did themes such as haystacks, or his most famous theme the "Waterlilies."

"Monet developed the concept of multiple views of one subject, and in the 1940’s and 1950’s the abstract Impressionism of Monet’s late water lily paintings provided a stimulus for the American abstract expressionists."

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