The Destructors Questions and Answers
by Graham Greene

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In "The Destructors", how would you classify Trevor and Blackie according to character type? 

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Blackie is a good example of a character type known as the "flat" character. Flat characters usually play a minor role in a work of fiction and exhibit one or two traits. Blackie, the erstwhile leader of the Wormsley Common gang, is quickly marginalized in the narrative when he is replaced by Trevor as the gang's leader. Trevor's audacious plan captures the imagination of the other boys, and Blackie is relegated to the sidelines. Blackie embodies impotent anger; he cannot compete with Trevor and has no hope of regaining his leadership role. His lack of imagination in planning the boys' exploits is sharply contrasted with Trevor's cleverness.

Trevor is the story's protagonist; he moves against the antagonist , which is the house—that is to say what the house represents—as he plots its destruction. The house represents the social class that has recently rejected his family. Trevor could also be considered an anti-hero because his values can not be deemed universally admirable. He is...

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