Classify if H^2SO^4 is a strong or weak acid, or strong or weak base, or salt?

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H2SO4 is commonly known as Sulfuric acid. As the name suggests, this compound is an acid. Generally an acid, is a proton donor, has a pH below 7, neutralizes base and turns blue litmus paper to red. This also means that in a solution (in water) H2SO4 produces Hydronium ions (H+ ions).

The chemical equation for the dissociation of Sulfuric acid (H2SO4 ) in the solution can be written as:

H2SO4 (aq) ---> H+   +   HSO4-         1st protonation

HSO4-  ---->   H+   +  SO4 2-              2nd protonation

**H2SO4 contains 2 H that can be protonated.


Sulfuric acid is classified as a strong acid.


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