Classical MusicIdentify the distinctive stylistic features of Romantic music, and discuss the transition from the Classical era to the Romantic era.

rokkinroll | Student

Beethoven, Handel, Bach, or Mendhelson, amoung other artists,...who was the best composer and why? How has their work persoanlly influenced you, be it that it made you just feel at ease, ot that it made you nervous, this is the influence I am speaking of, that eventually leads to changes in percetion and therfore an even more openmind,

epollock | Student

1848 was the year of failed revolutions in Europe. Political nationalism having been crushed, nationalistic expression was now expressed only in the arts, including music. The revolutions of 1848 gave rise to the classical musical nationalism. Musical nationalism featured the incorporation of folk music, literary themes, and stories into concert works and operas creating the most famous classical composition known. Such music stirred strong emotions at home and made a strong ethnic impression abroad. Such nationalism allowed composers to assert at least an artistic independence over the Austrian/German musical ideal in Europe.