Do you think the North and South could have mended their differences and lived together peacefully instead of fighting the Civil War?

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This is a matter of opinion.  To get more opinions, you should put this sort of quetion in the discussions section.

My own view is that, by 1860, the North and the South could not have mended their differences peacefully.  I say this because the 1860 election shows us the huge degree to which the two sides no longer trusted one another.  When the North elected President Lincoln, the South was so distrustful of him (and the North) that they felt that he would deliberately go against his word and abolish slavery in the South.  They felt that he would rule only for the North and not for them.  This indicates that they had little to no trust of the North left after all of the conflict that had been going on at least since the Mexican-American War.

When you have two parts of a country that distrust each other to that extent, it is very difficult for them to mend their differences.

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