Did white opposition hinder or help the Civil Rights Movement?

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I think that White opposition clearly helped the advancement of the Civil Rights Movement.  More people, Black and White, were drawn to the Movement's cause after seeing the display of Whites towards people of color.  The more White opposition that was present, the greater the Civil Rights Movement's claims were true.  For those who disputed the Civil Right Movement's claims that there was racial animosity and discrimination in America, White opposition ended up proving such a sentiment as true.  In this light, White opposition resulted in giving the movement the animus it sought.  Opposition was difficult and challenging, but the more opposition that was present resulted in proving the validity of the movement.  It was not surprising that the movement swelled in size and intensity when White opposition was displayed in the most fervent of ways.  In this, white opposition ended up helping the movement for it ended up proving it true and more valid.  Had White opposition not been present, many individuals would have questioned the need or veracity of the movement.  Yet, with more White opposition and denial of the movement's purpose and goal became more difficult to argue.

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