Cite some examples that contrast Jem and Scout.

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A few other examples include:

  • The quest to discover Boo Radley: Jem will go to great lengths with Dill to get a glimpse of Boo Radley, and almost to a flaw to show his masculinity. Scout is interested, but not if its going to put her in harm's way or get her in trouble with Atticus. "Don't come along then, Angel May" was a tone she heard many times from Jem in illustrating the difference between them.
  • The recognition of appropriateness: That night at the jail, Jem knew if the kids left there would be a problem between Atticus and the men. Scout had no idea how much danger was in that incident and she diffused it just by being there and being an innocent kid.

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Although Jem and Scout seem to spend much more time together than most brothers and sisters, they still manage to maintain their own individuality. One example that immediately comes to mind is on the night of the fire when Atticus reveals to Scout the source of the mysterious blanket that covered her shoulders. She becomes upset when she is told that it was Boo who warmed her: "My stomach turned to water, and I nearly threw up..." However, Jem seems to be delighted at the turn of events, and Atticus has to warn him to restrain himself. Another example is their reaction to the Tom Robinson verdict. Jem takes the guilty verdict much more personally, crying "angry tears," and Atticus has to console him. A third example details the time when Jem and Dill decided to go skinny-dipping. Scout apparently had no problems with the idea, but the boys would not allow her to participate. A final example occurs when Scout tries to explain to Jem her wonderment about how her teacher, Miss Gates, can sympathize so strongly with the Jews being persecuted by Hitler while blindly ignoring the plight of Maycomb's own distressed Negro population. (Scout overheard a conversation between Miss Gates and Miss Stephanie on the courthouse steps.) Jem seems unconcerned about Scout's misapprehensions, and he angrily tells her to never mention the courthouse again.

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