Circle of Friends Questions and Answers
by Maeve Binchy

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 In the book, Circle of Friends, Benny is a sensible girl. Do you agree with this statement and why?

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Someone who is described as sensible means that they are acting with or exhibiting good judgement. In Circle of Friends, Benny can be seen as both, really. For the most part, yes, she is extremely sensible, but when romance presents itself, maybe not so much. 

Benny is a young girl from a small village in Ireland. She is an overweight girl with a huge heart. She and her best friend, Eve, go to Dublin for college. While Benny is there she meets and befriends Nan. She also meets Jack Foley and has a crush on him. Benny uses her personality to cover up her insecurities about her weight.

"Benny knew she was sounding very peculiar but...

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