In The Chrysalids, where are there examples of foreshadowing?

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As the previous post said, the best example of foreshadowing is the very first paragraph of the novel.  David is the narrator of the story, and he tells readers about a dream that he used to have when he was a young boy.  The dream is about a beautiful city by the sea.  David tells readers that the dream is especially odd because he had the dream even before he knew what a city was.  The dream foreshadows David's eventual escape from the Waknuk society to the city where the Sealand woman takes him.  

Another good example of foreshadowing is from another dream that David has.  This time, David dreams about his father slaughtering Sophie.  David is familiar with his father killing any Deviant animals that they have on their farm, so the idea of Joseph killing creatures with too much genetic variation is not foreign to David.  Sophie is a Deviant because she has six toes.  David dreams that his father knows this and slaughters her in front of people in the same way that he does it...

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