For The Chrysalids, I need help writing newspaper article about David, Rosalind and Petra, the mutants who are running away.

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Newspaper articles generally adhere to answering the six journalistic questions Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? For The Chrysalids, an article reporting on the telepaths escape from Waknuk would use the names of the escapees in answer to Who?, and the fact of running away answers What?, while Where? has two answers. The first answer to Where? is Waknuk: the escaping individuals were in Waknuk to start with. The second answer is that they are running toward the Fringes. When? would include the day, date, and time of their flight from justice.

Why? might be more difficulty to answer and this is in some ways the heart of the news report. I say in some ways because in other ways, that they are going and where they are going is more important, it all depends upon whom the reading audience is. Why? would include that the fleeing group is composed of known mutants who, as deviants, will be subjected to punishment and the proper procedures. How? will be answered by the details leading up to their escape and their means of escape.

Your article might start something like this:

WAKNUK, (Date): David Strorm, Magistrate Strorm's son, and his friends have escaped authorities and are running toward the Fringe along a straight route. This occurred because the group was discovered to be deviants with a mutation away from acceptable standards.

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