How does David change throughtout the novel in The Chrysalids?

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The Chrysalids starts off with a ten-year-old David, playing all by himself at the high bank. He meets and makes friends with Sophie, who has six toes, a trait that makes her a mutant by Labrador’s religious laws. These laws labeled all those things that did not conform to the true image of God as deviations—“all those things that did not look right.” He discovers Sophie’s secret trait and makes a promise to her mother not to reveal her blemish to anybody. About the same time, David’s Uncle Axel learns about David and his cousin Rosalind, and how they communicate “telepathically” using thought-images. Uncle Axel again, asks David to make a promise not to tell anybody about the thought-images. Later, when Sophie and her family get arrested for concealing her deviation, he begins to understand the role played by the strict religious laws in Labrador. He also understands that the thought images that he, Rosalind and his circle of friends use to communicate, makes them...

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