chronic renal failureWhy chronic renal failure is different from acute renal failure?

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Chronic renal failure means you have a serious problem with your kidneys. You need a kidney transplant or you will die. Eventually your kidneys will go out. Acute renal failure means some reaction, possibly due to a drug reaction or some other serious environmental cause.
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The main difference is in how quickly they happen. Chronic renal failure comes on gradually and is not noticeable in its early stages.  Acute renal failure is something that happens suddenly.  This happens over a few hours or a few days.

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If acute renal failure is often a reversible process, chronic renal failure refers to a progressive deterioration of renal function, up to its complete loss, when survival is no longer possible only with devices that replace the renal function or if it is performed a kidney transplant.
The main diseases that can lead to the chronic renal failure are: diabetes mellitus, chronic glomerulonephritis, vascular renal disease (renal artery thickening, mostly due to atherosclerosis), etc. .

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