In A Christmas Carol, where did the first spirit take Scrooge?

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As you read Chapter 2, “The First of the Three Spirits,” in Charles DickensA Christmas Carol, you travel with the Ghost of Christmas Past and Scrooge  to his childhood boarding school. Scrooge was the solitary student left at the school while all of the other students, who ignored his welfare, left for Christmas break. In the next scene, the Spirit of Christmas Past shows Scrooge the time when his kind, younger sister comes to bid him to come home. The spirit reminds Scrooge that his sister died, leaving one child, the nephew, whom Scrooge treated poorly just that day.

Their next stop was the warehouse where Scrooge apprenticed under Mr. Fezziwig. They watch a party scene in which Fezziwig and his wife throw a party for family, friends, service providers, and their employees. Scrooge fondly remembers his fellow apprentice, Dick, and learns a lesson in gratitude and sharing one’s wealth.

Finally, the Ghost takes Scrooge to the home of his former fiancé. She is a mature woman with a loving husband and a daughter of her own. Scrooge endures a sense of loss and begs the Spirit to take him away.

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