A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens suggests that there are different kinds of poverty. In what extent do you agree.

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This is a good question. I would certainly agree with the statement that there are different types of poverty. The most obvious poverty is the poverty of money, which we see in Bob Cratchit and his family. They are depicted as so poor that they could not even help their young son, Tim, to get proper medical attention. Hoever, there is a glow of warmth, love, and joy in their lives. They are rich in these ways. 

Ebenezer is just the opposite. He is rich when it comes to money and worldly things, but he is nearly dead when it comes to other areas of his life. There is serious poverty. Marlow, a former business partner, comes from the dead to show him how really poor he is and how much misery that he is in. All of these points do show that there are different types of poverty and that Ebenezer is the poorest of them all. 

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