Examine how A Christmas Carol is a moral tale or, in other words, how it teaches a lesson.

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beateach eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Charles Dickens' “A Christmas Carol” teaches a number of life lessons or morals. In reality, Scrooge is a lucky man because he receives a second chance at life. Dickens uses a series of encounters with spirits from Scrooge’s past, present, and future that allow him to examine missteps he made along the way, and to see the consequences of his actions before all is lost. The spirits show him how his love of money turned him into a sad, lonely old man. They also, show him the value of human relationships by showing him how Belle moved onto a loving relationship, how Bob Cratchit’s family enjoys their Christmas celebration in spite of their meager surroundings, and how he has the opportunity to change the life of Tiny Tim. He sees that Tiny Tim will not live unless he receives proper medical care, which the family cannot afford on the salary Scrooge pays. In essence, Scrooge realizes his ability to use his wealth for altruistic purposes, and that meaningful human relationships are more important than being a miserable, lonely miser.