How does Charles Dickens represent the importance of Christmas throughout the book A Christmas Carol?

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Christmas is one of the most important themes of A Christmas Carol.  Charles Dickens used Scrooge's nephew, Fred, to show the importance of Christmas throughout the story.  He also used other characters to do this.  At the beginning of the story, Fred visited his uncle to wish him a merry Christmas.  Scrooge made it clear that he did not care for Christmas.  Fred told his uncle about the joys of Christmas.  He told him that it was a time for kindness and giving.  He explained that though he was poor, he believed Christmas to be wonderful.

Later Scrooge was visited by the first spirit, the Ghost of Christmas Past.  This spirit showed him Christmases in his past, such as when he went home to live with his family and the Fezziwig party.

Scrooge was then visited by the Ghost of Christmas Present.  He saw that though the Cratchit family and his nephew Fred were poor, they still enjoyed the simple joys of Christmas.  They still valued that special time.

After Scrooge was visited by the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come, he begged for redemption.  He promised to "honour Christmas" and change his life.  When he was given a second chance, he became a man who loved and valued Christmas.  He become generous and kind.  From then on, Scrooge "[kept] Christmas well."

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