Is Christine a wicked character in The Phantom of the Opera?

Expert Answers
scarletpimpernel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I don't believe that Christine is wicked.  Most of her actions and choices are not based on selfishness or a desire to harm others (emotionally or physically).  She is simply a naive girl.  Leroux characterizes her as innocent in most of the ways of the world, and I think intends for her to be a sympathetic, romantic character.  She believes in the supernatural (her mysterious benefactor) and also in the romantic type of love.

One could argue that she comes across as slightly manipulative because she uses Erik for her own purposes and then leaves him, but he uses her to promote himself; so perhaps this is Leroux's version of karma. 

spazzer23 | Student

 I agree with Vampiric Christine has no choice over Erik falling in love with her. She is sitting in the chapel of the opera house when, Erik start singing to her "My Angel Of Music" So she had no choice in becoming a victim to Erik

vampiric | Student

Christine is not in anyway a wicked character for the things that befell her. It was not her fault the Phantom fell in love with her and wanted her all for himself