chris is 4 times the age of peter. sara is 6 years less than chris. the total age of chris, peter, and sara has 66 years. how many years is Sara?

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Let Peter's age be represente by the variable "x".

Since Chris is four times the age of Peter, Chris' age can be represented by "4x".

Sara is 6 years less than Chris, therefore "4x - 6" can represent Sara's age.

Together their ages total 66 years.

`(x) + (4x) + (4x - 6) = 66`

`9x - 6 = 66`

`9x = 72`

`x = 8`

This means that Peter is 8 years old, Chris is 32 years old, and Sara is 6 years younger, or 26 years old.

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