Chapter 2, we see two different groups emerging with different goals. Who makes up each group, and what are the general goals of each? 

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renelane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jack and Ralph are emerging as the two leaders of the boys. Piggy is truly the one with the most realistic and necessary ideas, but he is unable to gain the boys trust and respect.

Ralph sees the need to maintain order, as good British schoolboys, and insists that one must be holding the conch shell to speak during the meetings. Jack is excited with the possibility of using force to maintain this rule. Ralph  (and Piggy) see the need for a signal fire and shelter  as the most pressing needs of this time.

Jack is taken with the presence of the pigs and wants to organize a group for hunting before anything else is settled. He is not interested in the more practical needs of the group. Roger is also in this group of boys who do not seem inclined to follow Ralph's directives. They are focused on the adventure of their situation, and are already starting to lose their civility in this setting. 

Jack is emerging as having a cruel side, he berates Piggy for not helping with the fire. Simon defends him, but neither are listened to by Jack.

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