In Chapter 8 of Animal Farm, how many direct contradictions are there in what Napoleon says and does?

lit24 | Student

1.In Ch.5, Squealer remarks "no one believes more firmly than Comrade Napoleon that all animals are equal." But in Ch.8 we read of Napoleon's privileged lifestyle: "Napoleon inhabited separate apartments from the others. He took his meals alone, with two dogs to wait upon him, and always ate from the Crown Derby dinner service which had been in the glass cupboard in the drawing-room."

2.In Ch.5, we read of Boxer's maxim, "Napoleon is always right." But in Ch.8 Napoleon makes the mistake of selling the timber to Frederick for forged bank notes.

3.In Ch.6, he contradicts himself by trading with humans through Mr. Whymper.

4.Initially he strongly opposed Snowball's plan of building the windmill, but after having driven out Snowball, he led the effort in successfully building it.

5.To the surprise of  all the animals, he sold the timber to Frederick even though initially he had wanted to sell the timber to Pilkington and not to Frederick: "They were struck dumb with surprise when Napoleon announced that he had sold the pile of timber to Frederick. Tomorrow Frederick's wagons would arrive and begin carting it away. Throughout the whole period of his seeming friendship with Pilkington, Napoleon had really been in secret agreement with Frederick."

6.Napoleon had decreed that drinking alcohol was to be punished by death, but he himself starts brewing whiskey on the farm and the decree is changed to, "No animal shall drink alcohol TO EXCESS."