In chapter 7, how does Napoleon control information and "truth"?

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Napoleon controls the information by using Squealer and other animals to begin rumors. ""could turn black into white." He is the propaganda chief for the pigs, the equivalent of the Soviet party newspaper Pravda (which means "Truth" in Russian) in Orwell's allegory."

"To conceal their hardships from the outside world, Napoleon tricks Whymper on his weekly visits to the farm into believing the farm is prospering. In Whymper’s hearing, the sheep talk about an increase in their rations. Empty food bins are filled with sand and topped with meal to give him the impression that there is an abundance of food."

Napoleon also has 4 pigs "confess" to the animals that they had been involved with Snowball in secret.  As soon as the pigs "confess" the dogs tear out their throats.  Then chickens "confess" and they are also killed.  After all the confessions and all the animals who had confessed had been executed, no one questioned Napoleon.  Boxer decided he just needed "to work harder," and Clover felt that this was not what they hoped to accomplish when the rebellion began, but she did not think of rebelling.  The animals mournfully sang "Beast of England," but Napoleon told Squealer to tell all the animals that the rebellion had ended, and the song was not allowed to be sung again.  In its place a new song was quoted.