In Chapter 6 of "Animal Farm", what methods does Squealer use to manipulate the animals?

Expert Answers
parkerlee eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Squealer is already Napoleon's spokesman and go-between since he is the one who is gifted at public speaking. Squealer has already justfied the pigs' appropriation of the milk and apples as they are the natural leaders of the farm and need their "brain food." The same goes for the pigs having moved back into the farmhouseto use as the "headquarters" of the farm. Squealer convinces the other animals that they will benefit more from this arrangement in the long run and reminds them that they should appreciate the pigs' determination and "sacrifice."

Now that Snowball has been chased away by Napoleon's dogs, he makes an easy 'culprit' for things that go wrong. No matter the fact that the windmill was Snowball's own idea and creation in the first place. When it is sabatoged, Squealer says that it is Snowball who has come back undercover at night and blown it up in retaliation for his exile. 

Convincing the animals of this dismisses Snowball as a potential rival once and for all and helps consolidate the group under the unchallenged leadership of Napoleon.