How would this video enhance a class discussion about alienation in the workplace? Video:

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This video might enhance a class discussion on alienation because it does a very good job of illustrating the idea of alienation as it relates to work.

The main idea of alienation in the workplace is that workers are separated from their right to basically be their own bosses.  The video shows quite clearly how workers at McDonald's are not their own bosses.  They have little control over how many hours they work.  The way they work is very regimented and their every move is predetermined.  They are not in control of their work in any way.

So, you might show this video and ask the class to identify ways in which alienation is shown in the video.  You might think about discussing whether the low pay aspect of things is an example of alienation (it's not).  You could possibly use that to bring in the idea of how alienation isn't about bad conditions or low pay but rather about not being your own boss (which may be why highly paid NBA players right not are unhappy with their bosses and can't come to an agreement on a new contract).

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