Why would one choose The Tragedy by Pablo Picasso to examine and analyze?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that The Tragedy is a great piece to analyze on both stylistic grounds and thematic elements.  In terms of the style in the painting, it would make for fascinating study to examine the elements in the painting that allow it to be classified in Picasso's "Blue Period" of work.  How Picasso is able to convey certain stylistic traits in an entire group of portraits is something worthy of exploration.  Then, being able to contrast this with different styles in Picasso's reservoir of work is downright interesting.  This is where any study of Picasso yields its greatest work in that his styles are each distinctive enough to encompass the work output of any one artist, and yet he has multiple to his credit.  Thematically, the study of The Tragedy could focus on how Picasso sought to bring the story of the silenced, the vagabond, the beggar into fruition.  Discussion of his stylistic approach with this thematic one could yield fascinating results.  Additionally, Picasso does not give the viewer much to operate within in terms of understanding the title with the subject.  Where exactly does "The Tragedy" lie?  Is there a social statement or statement on the human condition being made?  Discussion of this point could also be fascinating.  These reasons make the selection of The Tragedy something worthy to examine and analyze.