Choosing from the characters from Jewish religion which one would you like to meet and why?

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Personally, I would like to meet Abraham.  There are a few reasons why.  Abraham's story is probably one of the most inspirational when it comes to questions of faith.  Abraham and his wife prayed for a child for many years, and when they were in old age, they were finally blessed with their son, Isaac.  They believed that God granted them this child.  So it was heartbreaking when God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac to Him.  Abraham, despite having prayed for this child, was so loyal to God that he agreed to kill his own son.  Abraham took Isaac away from home, fully intending to kill him, and God stopped Abraham when He saw how willing Abraham was to give everything he loved to God.  This story is held up as an example of how believers are expected to worship God. 

Another reason I would like to meet Abraham is it is believed that three major religions branched off from Abraham: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

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