Choosing any famous person or superhero, compare this person's flaws to Macbeth with 3 point proof analysis and using quotes? to explain 3 important points in the play with proof analysis

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This is a fairly interesting task.  I think that I would liken Macbeth's initial approach to the notion of engaging in immorality, his embrace of it, and his moral depravity is similar to the portrait depicted by Oliver Stone's film, "Nixon."  In it, Nixon is presented as an individual who is, at first, apprehensive about engaging in political deception, but over time, he becomes more accustomed to it and the moral abyss in which he finds himself at the end of the movie is similar to Macbeth's predicament.  I would suggest that another Oliver Stone character of Bud Fox in the film "Wall Street" could be another such character.  The parallels again display a character that is apprehensive about entering the world of immorality, but is lured by a "higher force" (witches vs. Gordon Gekko).  The primary difference would be that Bud Fox experiences a sense of moral redemption, something noticeably absent in Macbeth.

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