Choose two key passages from chapter 3 in Lord of the Flies, explaining their significance and importance.  

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Lord of the Flies deals with many issues that challenge the boys and their different way of dealing with them. Chapter 3 "Huts on the Beach" signifies the importance of having shelter but the fact that Jack, "with his nose only a few inches from the humid earth" introduces the reader to this chapter foreshadows the broadening divide between Jack's style of leadership(given the chance) and Ralph's.  

Jack has already taken to this life of basic survival and is "dog-like." In fact he relishes it as he moves along "on all fours yet unheeding his discomfort." The silence is noticeable and the reader can sense the "uncommunicative forest." Unfortunately, Jack has not yet mastered his hunting skills and misses "the promise of meat."

Just as Jack was completely consumed in his efforts to hunt, so too is Ralph completely focused on his task as he is forced to "withdraw his attention from the shelter and realized Jack with a start." Focus on the dialogue that follows - between Ralph - "And we want shelters" - and Jack as he "tried to convey the compulsion to track down and kill that was swallowing him up." This is significant because it links to the first passage( at the begining of this chapter) and Jack's ready acceptance of life as a hunter as he "thought I might kill." 

The animosity and "antagonism was audible."The dislike and distrust between Ralph and Jack is almost tangible here and does set the reader up for what is to follow between them and how it will almost destroy them.

"They were both red in the face and found looking at each other difficult."

The boys' confusion is also evident here as they do try to conduct a conversation and Ralph tries to convince Jack that building shelters should take preference. Their commonalities as well as their differences are highlighted here, despite Jack's "fierce, dirty face."


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