Choose two characters who are portrayed differently or the same in the play and movie adaptation of The Crucible.

Expert Answers
favoritethings eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Both John and Elizabeth Proctor are represented in much the same way in both the original play and the movie adaptation of it. John is conflicted: he feels terrible guilt for his marital infidelity, but he also is tired of feeling as though he is being judged for something he's admitted to and apologized for. He doubts his own goodness, but he cannot abide the thought that his wife doubts him as well (even though she assures him that she still considers him to be a good man). Likewise, Elizabeth is the same pious, unflinching woman in both play and film. She is unfailingly honest—except when she attempts to protect her husband, and she tells a crucial lie that paves the way to the accusation and conviction of John. He depended on her truthfulness to save them both, and—in this way—they both make one awful misstep that ends in his death (he, the affair with Abigail, and she the attempt to protect his reputation). Ultimately, the final scenes where John once again finds his own integrity and goodness and Elizabeth's unwillingness to take that knowledge from him remain intact, and these help to drive home the play's main messages in both mediums.