The Westing Game Questions and Answers
by Ellen Raskin

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Choose two characters from The Westing Game and explain their connection to Westing.

Most of the characters in The Westing Game are connected to Westing because they are named in his will and are tenants in the new Sunset Towers apartment building. They were selected by Westing for tenancy, as well as for participation in the competition to gain his inheritance.

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In Ellen Raskin's The Westing Game, eight pairs of characters compete in a puzzle-based competition, the winner of which will inherit millionaire Sam Westing's fortune. Characters are paired by Westing's will and are given a sum of money and a set of clues to solve. The winner who solves the clues will receive control of Westing's fortune and company.

Westing pre-selected the competitors by recruiting most of them to live in a new apartment building, Sunset Towers. The reader will eventually learn that Westing faked his own death so that he...

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