Identify a character from the Ramayana, discussing what sorts of lessons we learn from them.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It makes sense that the primary lesson learned is from the sacred work is embodied in the form of Lord Rama.  There is a dominant trait in his characterization to never back away from one's word and one's commitment to their responsibility.  For example, when Lord Rama's father must abide by his commitment to honor his word, it translates into Lord Rama's exile into the forest.  While he certainly could try to negotiate his way out of this, he does not.  He accepts it.  Lord Rama is shown to always honor his commitments and respects the order of things and his maintenance of it.  Lord Rama's lasting lesson is how being in the world must function in accordance to one's dharma and responsibility.  He is not one to back down from that which he must do, regardless of discomfort, pain, and challenges.  This becomes the lesson of Lord Rama.  If individuals do not adhere to such stringent notions of the good, there is social chaos and disintegration.  When individuals do act in accordance to this idea, recognizing their own purpose and function in the maintenance of the social order, then there can be civilization and function of purpose.  Lord Rama shows this throughout the sacred work and this becomes his fundamental lesson to both the reader and the follower of his philosophy.

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