Choose two characters and contrast their use of alcohol in Book 2 of The Sun Also Rises.

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Nearly all of the characters in The Sun Also Rises use alcohol as a means of escaping from their troubles. Jake uses it to forget about his sexual inadequacies; Lady Brett drinks to forget that age is catching up with her and that she cannot commit to a single man. Mike drinks to forget his financial woes and the fact that Brett does not love him. They also use it as an escape from the supposed boredom of their daily lives in Paris, though the setting is hardly a place that should allow for such malaise. On the other hand, the wealthy Count Mippipopolous drinks because he can afford to, and it helps him to attract friends like Lady Brett. Perhaps Bill is the one character who drinks only for the social pleasure it gives him. He drinks with Jake because he enjoys his company--not as a means of drowning his sorrows.

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