Choose one–Spider Map,Web,or KWL–to narrow your topic. Research topic:Adult Literacy in Canada . Narrow the topic to a discussion of the economic, personal, or social issues. Thanks!

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Since this is a research topic, the KWL chart might be the best first place to start. You could do it one of two ways. The first way would be to combine all three of your categories--economic, personal, and social issues on one chart. K would be what you know about these. W would be what you want to know or need to know. L would be what you learned about these three areas. This seems as if it would translate very nicely into the body of a paper. The problem I see is that it might become cluttered or confused.

The other possibility is to divide these into three separate categories and complete the same type of chart on each on. Then each of these would translate into its own section of the paper. Either way, the KWL chart would not only document what you already know, it would guide your research as well.

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